2012 Sincerely Mine, Gallery Exhibition, Show Room, Finland & Iceland

We organised with Asta Jónsdottir, Outi Ylitapio-Mäntylä and Emilia Haukka an international arts-based workshop in Finland and Iceland. The workshop was collaboratively held among the University of Lapland, the Iceland Academy of the Arts, and Cirrus – the Nordic and Baltic Network of Art and Design Education. Fourteen art students from seven countries participated in the workshop. The aim was to create a space for internationally and culturally diverse artists with the goal of supporting critical and sustainable thinking and consciousness, art-making and creativity across national and cultural boundaries. After the workshop, we held a Sincerely Mine gallery exhibition in the Rovaniemi Show Room. The exhibition embraced and made public the outcomes of the workshop, such as photography installations, short films and animations.

Poster design: Juhani Näränen