Curriculum Vitae

1 Personal details and the date of the CV

Mäkiranta, Mari Johanna Female
Born: 23.8.1975, Oulu Finnish
Current residence: Rovaniemi, FINLAND

2 Degrees

2008 Doctor of Arts, University of Lapland, Finland (2nd October 2008)
2014 Title of Docent / Adjunct Professor (Art Education, Visual Culture studies), University of Jyväskylä, Finland (12th November 2014)

3 Other education and expertise

2010-2011 Teacher’s Diploma, Pedagogical studies, University of Lapland, Finland (60 cr.)
2009-2010 University Teacher’s Diploma, Pedagogical studies, University of Lapland, Finland (25 cr.)

4 Language skills

Finnish, native language
Swedish, professional working language
English, professional working language 
German, adequate

5 Current employment

2010-present Senior Lecturer, Visual Communication, University of Lapland, Finland

6 Previous work experience

2015-2017 Senior Researcher in PARTY- Participatory Development with the Youth, Funded by European Comission, Horizon 2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange Scheme (RISE)
2012-2014 Post-doctoral Researcher, University of Lapland, Finland (Working in Warsaw, Poland), funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation (12 months), University of Lapland (6 months)

7 Career breaks

2006-2007 Family leave
2008-2009 Family leave

8 Research funding and grants

2017-2021 Floating Peripheries: Mediating the Sense of Place, Research Consortium of Aalto University and University of Lapland, Granted by the Academy of Finland (PI of the project)

2012-2014 Postdoctoral research, Young people’s living environments and photography art, Finnish Cultural Foundation, 12 months

2011 Personal grant, Cultural Sustainability & Photography –workshop, Nordplus & CIRRUS Media & Design Education network

2000 Doctoral studies, Female representations and media art, Finnish Cultural Foundation, 12 months (Doctoral student)

9 Research output

Total 80 scientific publications with peer review practice; 25 curated gallery exhibitions

10 Research supervision and leadership experience

Kati Leinonen (co-supervising with prof. Eija Timonen)
Kristiina Koskinen (co-supervising with prof. Eija Timonen)
Raila Knuuttila (co-supervising with prof. Eija Timonen)
Simi Ruotsalainen
Johanna Vanhala-Villien (co-supervising with prof. Eija Timonen) 
Jonna Tolonen (graduated 2016)

2017-2021 Supervising postdoctoral students in Floating Peripheries project funded by the Academy of Finland (PI of the project)

11 Teaching experience in international context

2019 Erasmus+ Teacher exchange, Isik University, Istanbul, Turkey (in co-operation with M.A Mirja Lönegren, M.A. Leena Raappana-Luiro & Prof. Beril Anilanmert)
2014 Research seminar, University of Aveiro, Department of Arts and Communication, Portugal (in co-operation with M.A. Leena Raappana-Luiro and Dr. Rui Raposo)
2011 Cultural sustainability & Photography workshop, Iceland & Finland (in co-operation with Dr. Outi Ylitapio-Mäntylä and the students from Scandinavian and Baltic Design Universities) (Funded by CIRRUS)

12  Other key academic merits

Most important positions of in scientific associations (selected)

2022 Member of the editorial board, Ruukku-Journal (Studies in Artistic Research)
2020 Member of the editorial board, Gender Studies
2020 -2023 Member of the steering committee, and a chair person, Action! Project, Aalto University
2017 Member of the Kalevala Society (invited)
2017 Chair in Kalevala Society’s seminar “Values and ways of seeing”, 27.10.2017, Rovaniemi, Finland
2015 Chair & member of the organising committee EFRC: European Feminist Research Conference, 3.–6.2015, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland
2006-2009 Member of the editorial board, International Journal of Cinema         
2003 Member of the expertise, The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (Finland), The Committee of Equality, Department of Research and Development

Referees (selected)

2022 Referee in Artistic Cartographies (Taylor & Francis)
2020 Referee in Empathy and Business Transformation (Routledge)
2020 Referee in New Documentaries (Aalto University)
2018 Referee in Design for Complexities (book published by Taylor & Francis)