2017 Sincerely Yours group exhibition


My photography series On Foreign Grounds in a group exhibition by the staff members of the Faculty of Art and Design, University of Lapland. The exhibition was curated by the  director of the Photographic Gallery Hippolyte Henna Harri.

Please see the exhibition catalogue:

The catalogue is designed by Sara Korkala and edited by Professor Jaana Erkkilä and Visual Artist Leila Lipiäinen. The photographs of the exhibition catalogue by Marko Junttila.

2017 Meetings Gallery Exhibition, Vaasa City Art Hall

PohjalainenPhotgraph by: Tomi Kosonen

Our Meetings exhibition in Vaasa City Art Hall consists of young peoples’ dreams and future hopes in Namibia, South-Africa and Europe. During the exhibition we organized two workshops in order to develop and study decision-making, communality and city planning in youth communities. The exhibition brings together young people living in different countries and continents, and asks how the political, regional and societal changes affect on young people. The aim is to give voice and visibility to young people and empower them through art. The exhibition was organized together with Professor Satu Miettinen and Service-Designer Reetta Kerola.

2016 RUUKKU 6 – Studies in Artistic Research


We co-edited with Professor Eija Timonen the special issue of RUUKKU – Studies in Artistic Research. The issue is just published! Our theme, change, refers to political aspects of art, to a state in which social themes are discussed with the help of artistic research, all the while searching for new, alternative interpretations for them. You can read our editorial forewords here: http://ruukku-journal.fi/fi/issues/6/editorial and the expositions here: http://ruukku-journal.fi/fi/issues/6

2014 Visual essay, 2014



This visual essay is the selection of the works related on Such an Early Spring exhibition. The essay illustrates, how the young people characterise the meanings of their living environments; place seems to adhere to the people’s location and time. Place also gets the aesthetic and verbal interpretation in the essay.

2014 Such an Early Spring, Valo Gallery, Arktikum, Rovaniemi, Finland


Over a period of a spring and summer in 2013, 16 young artists photographed their living environments in Finland, Estonia, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and Russia. The Such an Early Spring exhibition demonstrates how young people interpret the social changes, cultural diversity and everyday experiences that are attached to their living surroundings. The exhibition and research has been funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Photographs by: Daria Akimenko, Roselinde Bon, Daria Maroń-Ptak, Mari Mäkiranta, Anka Simoncic, Alexandra Shpiro & Ana Žolnir.

IMG_5812Detail of the installation. Photographs by: Daria Akimenko, Rovaniemi, Finland and Ana Žolnir, Celje, Slovenia. Installation by: Daria Akimenko & Mari Mäkiranta

2014 Possible Worlds, Short Film

Film by Nuno Escudeiro, Mari Mäkiranta & Daria Akimenko.

The material of the film contains the still photographs and stories related on young people’s living environments. Thank you all the participants from Poland, Finland, Croatia, Russia, Slovenia, Estonia and the Netherlands.

2012 Sincerely Mine, Gallery Exhibition, Show Room, Rovaniemi Finland

In 2012 we organised with Asta Jónsdottir, Outi Ylitapio-Mäntylä and Emilia Haukka an international arts-based workshop in Finland and Iceland. The workshop was collaboratively held among the University of Lapland, the Iceland Academy of the Arts, and Cirrus – the Nordic and Baltic Network of Art and Design Education. Fourteen art students from seven countries participated in the workshop. The aim was to create a space for internationally and culturally diverse artists with the goal of supporting critical and sustainable thinking and consciousness, art-making and creativity across national and cultural boundaries. After the workshop, we held a Sincerely Mine gallery exhibition in the Rovaniemi Show Room. The exhibition embraced and made public the outcomes of the workshop, such as photography installations, short films and animations.

Poster design: Juhani Näränen