I am a senior lecturer at the University of Lapland, Finland and I hold a D.A. in Art and Design, and a Title of Docent in Art Education and Visual Studies (Adjunct Professor). My work has focused on arts-based research, photography art, family photographs and forms of participatory cultures in social media. At the moment, I am conducting my research related on young peoples’ living environments and photography art. The research includes gallery exhibitions in which the latest was held in Swden i  2015, Finland and Poland in 2014, and in Iceland and Finland in 2012. I am also participating in professor Satu Miettinen’s PARTY (participatory development with the youth) project. The project aims to endorse human development and assists in reducing youth unemployment in South Africa and Namibia by using participatory and explorative service design tools. During 2012-2014 I lived and worked in Warsaw. The specific charm of the city and the urban environment inspired me to write – in addition to academic articles – short novels and visual poems.